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E.K. - Sri Lanka said:
There have been many methodologies used over the years to teach L1 students such as Grammar - translation, Communicative language learning and the Lexical approach. There are advantages and disadvantages to all them. With these methodologies, another was created by Jeremy Harmer, that helps students get motivated, exposed to the language and have the opportunity to use it. It?s called Engage, Study and Activate. The Engage step helps get the students involved, interested and speaking English, so they can be ready and excited to learn. The Study step is where they are taught an element of the language with an assignment to make sure they understood it. The Activate step is where they practice using the language. And of course, making mistakes and errors happens. So, the teacher needs to know how to correct the students in the most helpful and encouraging way possible. I have learned that a teacher needs to have flexibility and finesse when teaching and correcting students. Lessons may need to go slower or faster than expected or focused on one thing more than another. Also, it?s important to quickly get to know your students to know how to best help them when they are stuck on a language point.