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D.G. – U.S.A. said:
This unit discusses the teaching of the receptive skills: reading, and listening. Firstly, the lesson points out the there are many ways we use reading: predictive, scanning, skimming, detailed comprehension, and deducing from context. When teaching reading comprehension, there will be a lot of focus on detailed reading. It was a great reminder that when teaching the receptive skills there is a lot of value in finding materials that will be interesting to the students, and when that is not immediately possible, the importance of the teacher to inspire interest. I love the engage activities that were used as examples in this unit. I think the idea of celebrity and the arts would often win the interest of students. Also, the comparison of cultures would work well as \"engage\" activities for the study materials later in the unit. I have noticed from experience that people often love to compare and contrast cultures they are familiar with. I also appreciate the care that is used in this unit to show that preteaching vocabulary is important, but that there is a delicate balance in that students must have the skills to try to comprehend vocabulary in reading and spoken word from context as well.