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B.S. – U.S.A. said:
Watching the two very different videos, in this unit, was enlightening. In the first video, simply watching the teacher irritated me very much. The teacher?s attitude was very hostile, he gave no room for mistakes or ideas with the very first words he spoke. Also I found it very hard to understand the teacher when he spoke quickly and forcefully and I am a native English speaker! I instantly felt sympathy for the students, who were probably thinking themselves stupid for not understanding the teacher. Obviously there were a lot of things wrong with this first lesson however the second was very different. In the second lesson I gave a sigh of relief. The teacher, who gave his name as Mark, smiled at the students and asked for their names. He talked slowly and clearly and he started the lesson with a game. The students were able to start off the lesson feeling smart about the vocabulary they already new and ready to learn more! A teacher?s attitude influences the students learning quite drastically. The way a teacher acts can shut down a students learning or cause it to flourish. A teacher must do much more than lecture and give information. A teacher must encourage and motivate their students.