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A.S. – New Zealand said:
This unit covers the productive language skills of speaking and writing. It's very important to elicit speaking from students, and to understand that some students may find speaking in class to be particularly difficult. Having activities which are interesting to the students, and creating a comfortable, positive class environment are perhaps the two most important techniques relevant to gaining the participation of students. I had not thought of all the inherent challenges writing may present to an ESL student. Of course, our alphabet is not used in every language, and even our writing direction, use of spacing and punctuation can be brand new to an ESL student. This lesson points out that writing skills are often the least addressed aspect of class, and even if the bulk of writing work is assigned as homework it just may never be completed. Finally, I love the games listed as teaching aids. I can see how engaging these could be to learning in the class because they would be a fun way to use new language skills.