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P.L. – U.S.A. said:
This unit was packed full with information about the four forms of conditionals and reported speech. The conditional sentences are those that contain 'if' or similar expressions such as 'when'. Which refers to past, present and future possibilities. These are the types of conditionals: the zero conditional is used for basic truths, the First Conditional is used for a possible condition and its possible result, the Type 2 conditional (or second conditional) is not based on fact since it deals with a hypothetical condition and its probable result, the third conditional refers to a time in the past and a situation contrary to reality, and lastly, the Mixed Conditional refers to a time that's in the past and a situation that's ongoing in the present. The second topic that was presented in this unit was that of reported speech. This is a type of indirect speech, when someone gives an account about what another person said without direct quoting him or her. There was information regarding many teaching strategies for the topics discussed in the unit.