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This unit provides an overview of the different kinds of testing methods to gauge a students progress and fluency, and also to prepare them for an external assessment.i learnt the different kind of evaluation and testing techniques commonly used by teachers, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. By using these techniques, the teacher is able to stay ahead of the game, and effectively plan for the future by identifying students strengths and weaknesses, and therefore which areas the class or individual may need to focus on to get the most out of their English classes.This unit is all about how the teacher can effectively manage the classroom, specifically using things like their voice, gesture and visual aids effectively, and how to interact and discipline students for the benefit of all the students. A lot of the points I had already considered in the practical and theory TESOL work done in my Linguistics degree but the discipline section had some helpful ideas such as rearranging the seating plan. The use of eye contact section was also very useful in the benefits of eye contact and how to use it to both encourage and control students.