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P.H. - Thailand said:
lesson planning has to do with the teacher putting down what he has to do in a particular lesson and the order he should follow. Its very important because firstly its helps the teacher know what he is doing and the steps he should follow. secondly it serves as a good record to refer the work load which has been covered. Its important for a good plan to be very simple so that the teacher can easily refer to it. It should also be very flexible so that the teacher can divert topics in the classroom. The lesson plan should be organized in such a way that it helps in the smooth running of the lesson. It should deal with issues such as the teaching aids, the seating position of the students and the cleaning of the blackboard.There are a number of things a good plan should have such as the timing, the objectives of the learners, phase, procedure, class level and number of students.so for a good plan to be set in place the teacher has to understand what are the functions of a good plan, how it should be organized and what it should contain