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J.M. – U.S. said:
This unit gave a great overview of the past tenses in the English language. The structure, usages, common mistakes, and some teaching tips for the past tense forms were explained very well. The past tense forms were clearly explained, often by comparing them to the present tense forms. The structures of the past tense forms and the present tense forms have many similarities and this makes it much easier to understand and to use them properly. The task of explaining and teaching the difference past tense forms seemed very daunting to me, but the information given in this unit helped me to feel more confident in my ability to teach this to an EFL student. The most important things that I learned from studying this unit were: All continuous forms feature the verb \"to be\" + \"ing\", All perfect forms feature the verb \"to have\" + the past participle form of the verb, and All perfect continuous forms feature some form of the verb \"to have\" + \"been\" + the \"ing\" form of the verb. This is a great tool to help explain, teach, and understand the tenses.