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J.P. – Korea said:
Speaking and writing are two very important aspects of a student's learning journey, these two indicate how well they have understood the lesson, they've understood enough to be able to produce their own output in the form of spoken and written words. Both are definitely important, however writing requires more accuracy and on the other hand speaking requires more fluency--of on hand words given on cue. As a writer with a degree in Literature I enjoy writing more than speaking, speaking still presents its rare problems to me, especially when the right word is particularly elusive. This can be easily remedied though as compared to writing, spoken words can be corrected immediately but written takes time, and mistakes committed in it will remain unclear on print. Speaking and writing are both enjoyable in their own right, the key is to show the students how they can be through a variety of relevant activities that will peak their interest, this can be promoted by games (as extensively tackled in the latter part of this lesson).