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A.Z. – U.S.A. said:
This unit covered course books and lesson materials. In the unit, authentic materials were presented as materials that native speakers would read or listen to and are not made for english learners. Examples of authentic materials can be found in everyday life of a native speaker in their native country from newspapers to interviews to radio shows. Created materials, however, are materials that were created for the lesson by the teacher. Teachers can either be creative and make the materials for their lessons from scratch or research online for tools to generate materials such as word puzzles, role-play cards etc. Created materials can be adapted to match the language level of the students. The unit also presented examples of materials that can be used in a typical lesson. Finally, the unit presented advantages and disadvantages of using course books as the primary resource for a lesson. While course books are very useful for inexperienced teachers, they might be boring to the students. Teachers should consider this when creating their lesson plans.