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S. C. - Ireland said:
Unit 18 discussed three very frequently used aspects of English grammar which are Modal verbs, Passive Voice and phrasal verbs. These three are crucial for students of intermediate students. They might be problematic and sometimes misleading for speakers of other languages, because often many languages from different groups of languages e.g Slavic or / and Italics not necessarily have exact equivalents of phrasal verbs. In Polish there is no phrasal verbs so from my experience I can admit that they are very challenging for the Polish students. What is more, passive voice is very often used in English especially in a formal language; however, it is not very popular form in Polish language. In English almost every sentence can be transformed from active form into passive form, on the contrary in Slavic languages it is impossible to do it in every case, because of a big number of exceptions. Modal verbs on the other hand are quite easy for Polish students because all the verbs have their equivalent in Poles' native language. This one is fortunately very easy to teach and students use them very instinctively. To sum up, all these three have to be properly tough because they are essential in English.