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G.K. – U.S.A. said:
This unit is about classroom management. Key components of classroom management are classroom arrangements (the way in which you organise the position of the students and yourself), giving individual attention, instructions, establishing report (rapport between the teacher and students) and maintaining discipline. It also covers information on how to effectively use the voice, gestures and eye contact in the classroom. For example, gestures can be useful for adding visual interest or reducing the need for verbal explanation and eye contact can be effective to hold the attention of students who are not being addressed. I have also learned about ways to group students and the pros and cons of each option. A few examples are whole- class grouping, pairwork, students working on their own and groupwork. For example, pairwork allows students to share ideas (pro) while some students may find themselves working with a partner they don't particularly like (con). The balance between TTT and STTT depends on the type of lesson and on the level of the students.