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V.S. – Finland said:
I haven't really broken down sentences so extensively since I was taking Linguistics at UBC. My school has just implemented an ELL program over the last four years. The district started with 15 students then. The second year there was 30. Last year was the first year I really noticed an influx of ELL students in my classes and felt like I lacked the knowledge and know how to really help them. This year the number in my classes has doubled. Really thinking about how each form of present tense is broken down has helped me to have a better understand of the problems my students face. I find it difficult to put into words the reason for the problems with the sample sentences, but it forces me to really think about why a student would make that mistake. And I also understand better why they would make a mistake. It also forces me to really know what the different present tenses are called because I don't force the first language learners to know what they are called, so the terms are in my short term memory anymore.