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P. W. – U.S.A. said:
Troubleshooting common problems that may arise in the classroom are important but also challenging. There are a number of variables that can affect classroom management. The first lesson of a new class is challenging because the teacher does not have a relationship with the students. The first lesson should be spent getting to know the class and determining the English level of each student. The teacher can utilize different techniques to accomplish this goal such as questionnaires or the \"pass the ball\" game. English teachers may also struggle with keeping the class engaged. The teacher can use \"warmness\" or activities to open the class up to learning as lonng as they are short, fun, and communicative activities. Another huge problem in teaching English is the varying levels of the students. Teachers may have to use different materials or pair the stronger students with the weaker students to help explain and clarify. Other common problems with teaching English include large class size, students using their native language, having reluctant students in the class, and difficulty with listening texts. All of these problems can be addressed with various techniques presented in the final Unit.