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H.K. - Philippines said:
Unit 14 discusses the materials that can be used to teach students in class, which may be authentic or created. The use of authentic materials increases the confidence of the students since they are things normal to a native speaker; therefore, being able to understand these materials for students is a direct boost to their language skills and level. Created materials, on the other hand, makes the learning more personalized to students? specific needs. For instance, a lesson for low intermediate students focused on present perfect tense to build up the complexity of their sentences will help them master its specific uses and grammatical structures. For authentic materials, watching a clip of somebody?s narration of his or her adventure into the Amazon forest has different facets that can be discussed openly in different depths depending on the students? knowledge and similar experiences. This unit cites examples of authentic and created materials also, and websites that can be accessed for more classroom resources and lesson ideas.