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This unit brings back the focus on the grammar of English, more specifically on the past tenses, and is a continuation of the topic presented in Unit 4. The tenses presented in this unit are: the past simple, past continuous, the past perfect and the past perfect continuous, in all of their forms, irregularities and structures. This unit represents, together with unit 4 a great resource for the teacher as they provide basig general knowledge as well as more detailed aspects of the language.I really liked this unit. I remember that i liked studying these units back in school, but i am aware that not everyone likes it, or even worse, not everyone understands it. i know that is much easier to understand modals, or the passive voice, when you can talk in english and ue them in a daily basis, but if you dont, and then you can only practice at school, it becomes harder to incorporate. So planning a good lesson, with very effective Active Stages for these units, is really important.