TESOL Cuiabá

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D.L. - Vietnam said:
This unit stresses a key grammatical point in English language, i.e. conditionals and reported speech. It is undeniable that this language point makes one of the most difficult parts of foreign students' learning process as the shifting from a direct speech to a reported speech (also known as indirect speech) is so complicated that even native speakers of English would possibly make errors. A lot of things need to be changed when we translate a direct speech into a reported one, e.g. the pronouns, verbs, verb tenses, time expressions. The key solution, in my opinion, is to clarify the tenses of the conditional clause and the main clause to students before going any further. Students must keep in mind that the time when the speech of the original person take place is absolutely different with when a third person is reporting the first person's speech. And as it might seem easier to put it in this way, here we have that the original person's remarks always preceed a third party's restatement. Therefore the tense of the main clause correspondingly has to shift backwards.