TESOL Cullison Kansas

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This unit can essentially be broken down into explanation of teaching methods, introduction to the ESA method, and feedback and correction techniques. I have learned to plan a basic lesson based on the ESA method of Engage, Study, Activate. I definitely felt that this was the most difficult but interesting unit yet, as it introduces real classroom situations and lesson planning. I think having separate \"stages\" of a lesson is a very good way to introduce teaching to someone who has not taught a class; breaking down the components of a lesson makes it a less daunting task. This lesson also emphasizes feedback and correction, which can be difficult to know when to do. One thing that kept coming back to me throughout this lesson was to let students \"discover\" the language as much as possible, let them correct their own mistakes if possible, and in general allow them to use the language as freely as possible. This seems to be at the center of ESL learning.