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C.P. - Korea said:
This unit covered a bunch of difficult situations that teachers might encounter. I didn't agree with many of the recommendations though. None of the \"warmer\" activities, for example, seemed all that communicative. In hangman, all you do is say letters, and not even very quickly. I much prefer using games from the First Lessons section as a warmers for every class. Pass the ball is great, for example. With a big class, I can set them up in two lines, and they can exchange some sort of pleasantry. Then one line can take one step to the left so everyone can talk to a new person. That's a lot more active and communicative than things like pictionary. And I would never consider using different materials for different levels in the same classroom. Giving a student an easier worksheet would be like telling the student, \"Hey, I know you're weaker than other people in this class.\" That could be incredibly shameful for some! The passages about listening sections was good though. I noticed while I lived in Japan that listening sections were often the hardest for students. I sometimes printed out scripts and removed some words that the students would have to listen for and fill in. I wish the unit had gone into more detail about what to do with troublemakers.