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R.M. – U.S. said:
This unit is talking about the types of classes and their categories ,but first ,we shall look on teaching beginners with their categories which are as follows: -Obsolute beginners:students with no English knowledge. -False beginners:students who have been exposed to English but,know little. -Adult beginners:they make their decision to study English. -Young beginners:can not see the advantages of learning English thus,lack motivations. -Beginners without Roman alphabets:this group of students need so much work to do like ,reading,and practical writing in English. We should not also forget of the methods and techniques of teaching beginners and their possible problems that could come on.When also teaching the beginners ,we should always motivate them in several ways by encouraging and praising them. we also have other types of classes like:Teaching individual,teaching business Englis,teaching a monolingual class and teaching a multilingual class .How ever,we should not forget of their methods (ways) to teach these group of students. In this unit, i have learned the different categories of teching beginners, their skills, methods and techniques.