TESOL Dengzhou

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I.K. & H.K. - Korea said:
This unit was geared towards helping teachers understand how to troubleshoot and navigate different scenarios they are likely to find in the classroom, such as how to deal with students who are reluctant to participate, students that use their native language in the classroom, and warming activities for teachers when they first begin with a new class. I learned that you cannot just walk into your first class and begin teaching right from the course book or jump right into material - one needs to build rapport with the students and let them get to know the teacher as well as the teacher getting to know the students. This is why warming activities like a pass the ball game where questions and answers are given to those throwing and catching the ball are useful to \"warm\" the class up to the teacher and each other. I also learned that almost universally, listening activities are what students have the most difficulty with but that they should not be shied away from because they are very important and the teacher can make adjustments to help make listening activities less intimidating or problematic.