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P.L. - Hong Kong said:
This unit focused on production skills which are speaking and writing. Speaking focuses more on fluency of the language, while writing will focus more on using the language accurately. When creating lessons focusing on speaking it is important to plan well. A teacher needs to consider what the students will know about a topic and prepare a lesson that will meet them where they are at as well as take them further into their study of the language. The instructor needs to prepare a well thought out lesson and be prepared with all materials to present the lesson During the activity the teacher needs set up the activity so students are clear, give time for the students to prepare, monitor and evaluate the activity. After the activity the teacher needs to provide feedback focusing on what the students did well and what can be improved rather than on the mistakes that were made. If there were reoccurring errors, than the teacher needs to address those errors. When teaching writing there is a lot that needs to be taught: spelling, punctuation, layout/presentation, and handwriting. Both writing and speaking are important skills to be taught.