TESOL Dongyang

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L.L. - Philippines said:
In this unit, we learned what should be considered when teaching the productive skills such as speaking and writting. While productive and receptive skills are equally important and both should be used similarly during a lesson; it is important to understand their differences. This unit focuses mainly on how we should teach speaking and writing and the use of games to both elicit motivation, participation and grade student in a fun environment on speaking and writing activities. When we focus on speaking skills, we have to look at the accuracy and fluency of the student. Both are critical, but in an ESA lesson, the study phase should focus on the accuracy of the student while the active phase concentrates on the fluency. Accuracy would be considered as the correct use of the langue while fluency is the ability to speak without stopping to think. When choosing an activity, the teacher has first to generate interest. Secoundly, the teacher has to make sure the student understand or has a basic knowledge of the language being tought. Finally, the teacher should choose activities that make student work in pairs because it allows for interaction and reduces stress. Games are great activities in these cases however when selecting a game for a lesson the teacher has to keep in mind that a game teaches a point and has rules while maintaining the element of fun.