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This Unit describes Coursebooks and teaching materials. It is very important for a teacher to know advantages and disadvantages of all coursebooks and teaching materials that he/she is going to use during a lesson. As it was said, usually, a teacher has to create his own materials for lessons, however, in order to achieve it, he/she must be aware of many existing kinds of coursebooks and teaching materials, in order to combine their experience and to make a good lesson for students of any level.This units touches a very important part of teaching and learning and that is evaluating the students. Students need to be evaluated and tested in order to determine their language level, strength and weaknesses, progress in classa etc. This units has useful information on the type of tests that are suitable for specific purposes. For example, while plcement tests are designed so as to know the suitable class the studen should be, practice teste are used in preparing students for external exams.