TESOL Dushanbe

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M.H. - United Kingdom said:
This unit focused on the receptive language skills of listening and reading. The unit covered the typical problems learners of a new language have with receptive skills. The unit also covered the possible solutions to the receptive problems that students might have, such as providing students with listening and reading topics that they may find interesting, providing students with text that is designed for new language learners so that the material will be at their level, providing students with vocabulary front loading before they read, and preparing lessons that tend to have a balance of exposure to authentic text and practice with student-designed text. The unit also covered the fact that receptive skills involve the use of more than just our eyes to read and our ears to listen--but that we also use context and our pre-knowledge of topics to help us in predicting what the text or headlines might be about, our skills in scanning text for specific information, our skills in looking for main or general ideas, and our skills in obtaining detailed information.