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In ths unit I've learnt of the different methodologies for teaching a foreign language and then learnt the method used in EFL, called ESA. The ESA consists of three stages: Engage - where the teacher engages the students into talking about a given subject, Study - going over the material that came up during the engage stage, it is the time for correction and teaching new things, and Activate - where the teacher gives assignments to the students in order for them to use the material they've just learnt. An ESA lesson can be a \"stright arrow\" lesson, meaning, it has three stages aloong that are engage-study-activate. It can be a \"boomerang lesson\" where the stages are engage-activate-study-activate and it can be a \"patchwork lesson\" in which the starts with the engage stage and end with the activate stage, the order of the stages in between is very felxibile and can be different from one lesson to another. In this unit I was also given ideas and examples for different activities for each stage.