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C.S. - Denmark said:
There were some major differences between the two lessons I viewed in this unit. In the first lesson, the teacher did such things as turning his back to the class for long periods of time without talking, not properly explaining the lesson at hand, not properly explaining the activities to be completed, he did not know their names, he referred to his lesson plan much too often, he didn't properly answer questions, he did not monitor the study phase, and he chose non-stimulating activities for the class to complete. The class was obviously confused and he should of picked up on that. His manner and attitude were not appropriate for teaching a class. There was too much teacher talk time and very little student talk time. Overall, his teaching technique cost these students a whole lesson in which they learned next to nothing. On the other hand is the second lesson, which was lightyears better than the first. The teacher learned their names, had an upbeat and playful attitude, he used gestures to get his point across, he used stimulating partner activities, he motivated the students and praised them, he used pictures and miming to demonstrate his points, he used fill in the blank activities, and he properly explained the lesson and activities to be completed.