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The Unit explains the Future Tenses. There are mainly 7 types of future tense : 1.Future Simple - states the action in future, used for spontaneous decisions,predictions without evidence,future facts or promises/threats. 2.Future Continuous - states the action in progress at a particular time in future, used for predicting the present,polite enquiries without influence. 3.Future Perfect - states the action completed within a certain time in future. 4. Future Perfect Continuous - states how long an action has continued by a certain time. 5. Going to future - states the future plans that have already been decided, states predictions based on intentions. 6.Present Simple future - used for time tables and schedules, suggest a formal situation. 7.Present Continuous future used for future arrangements or decisions or plans without time frame. Out of the 7 mentioned future tenses, going to future and present continuous future are frequently used.