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I learned that the attitude of the teacher can affect the entire lesson and it is always important for a teacher to always maintain a positive outlook to the students. The students may feel tensed and confused if the teacher starts the lesson in a forceful and loud tone and may result for the students to be reluctant and to have second thoughts of sharing their ideas in class. Since the students have lesser English proficiency, it is not necessary for a teacher to use any jargons to the students as it may give them a difficult time to think of an answer. It is better to cite some examples for a better comprehension. Also, a teacher should always smile and is very eager to help the students than pointing out their weakest points. Teachers should always guide their students to learn and to find ways on knowing the language on their own. There is a huge difference between the two videos as it reflects that the participation of the students in class depends on how the teacher delivers the subject matter.