TESOL Firestone Colorado

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This unit discussed the importance of receptive skills- reading and listening. It talked about the different way we use these receptive skills, such as skimming, predicting, and understanding the meaning via context. Reading and listening skills are extremely important, as they will help the student feel more comfortable and confident with English, as well as allowing them to more easily understand. Way to facilitate these receptive skills are mostly based in exposure. Pre-teaching difficult or new words before a lesson will allow students to be more prepared when they're exposed to the new information. It is important to use a variety of topics over time to engage as many students as possible, because students will be more enthusiastic about the topics if they're interested in them. Encouraging students to use and improve their receptive skills may be challenging at times, but it will be an investment in them that can only help them in the future- so it's an important task to remember to work on.