TESOL Forest Brook Glen Delaware

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Teaching a new language entails vocabulary, grammar and functions. In this unit we learned how to execute good lessons to help students learn the language and use it. Selecting the vocabulary that students need to learn depends on many different criteria including: if the word is appropriate to the student, use or frequency of the word, and how teachable the word is. Grammar lessons should teach students how a word is said and written. Language function includes inviting, refusing, agreeing and disagreeing, suggesting, etc. The use of the function can be formal, informal, technical, etc.In this unit I was able to understand how important it is to know how to manage a class. Taking in consideration the types of students we have and how to arrange the seats to create a better experience for the student. Not to forget the importance of the Student Talking Time and ability to build rapport with the students. With this lesson, I have been able to understand how to provide instructions and maintain discipline in the classroom, which is kind of difficult for some teachers, as we are used to focus mainly in the topics rather than the student's progress and learning development.