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J.T. - Japan said:
Unit six was basically about the different etiquette from around the world and how to make sure not to offend the people of the country you end up in through unintentional means. Researching any country one is looking at possibly teaching in should be at least moderately understood, culturally speaking, before arriving or even considering teaching in that country. One should learn the cultural norms of the country (do and don't) such as not showing someone in Thailand the bottom of our feet or putting your hand above or on someones head. There were also a lot of handy job search websites listed and the international business etiquette, manners, and culture website witch comes in real handy for getting a general idea of what manners or actions are offensive so they can be avoided or maybe there's a particular style of greeting that is used between teachers and students. I also learned a bit about formality and being straight up about myself, adhere to a positive attitude and that overall flexibility is key, sometimes situations wont be how you thought they would, so one must be able to adapt and or improvise on the spot to keep face in front of the classroom