TESOL Fukuoka

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J.Y. - Bangladesh said:
This unit described the different methodologies of teaching, focusing on the ESA method. It was very interesting to compare these methods (mainly ESA) to the way my professors in college taught their language classes. Reading some of the descriptions of activities reminded me of specific lessons from some of my classes. It has given me a few ideas about how I might go about teaching similar things. I really appreciate the many ideas for activities for the different ESA phases. As I was reading through them, I made sure to mark the ones that I think I would like to use for my future students. I liked the section covering correction techniques. When I was a student, I never enjoyed being corrected because some of my professors would put students on the spot for their mistakes and would rarely praise the students for things they got right. No one likes having only their mistakes pointed out in front of everyone. For some students, being corrected too much could even reduce their desire to try for fear of making more mistakes. There are many important things from this unit that I will have to keep in mind when I begin forming my own lesson plans.