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F.M. - Canada said:
There is a lot of freedom in creating lessons plans and the more creativity used the better! That being said, it also takes a lot of time and careful thought (especially at the beginning) to design lessons that excite students about new material, keep students engaged throughout the whole lesson, and facilitate enough flexibility for unrestricted language use while still ensuring that the teacher is prepared to respond to any queries raised. In the materials and games provided as examples, it seems that it is also difficult to strike a balance between creating activities that will excite students and allow them to improve use of language they already possess while still leaving enough room to teach new material and go over the 'nitty gritty' and less exciting content like vocabulary and sentence structures. The best approach to an ESA lesson plan, though, seems to be designing activities that to some extent incorporate aspects of E, S, AND A while focusing on the benefits of one. For example, 'Study' activities that further engage students and get them interested in the material are better than activities that are about studying alone. Likewise, an 'Activation' activity that connects in a meaningful way to study material is going to feel both fun and beneficial to the students.