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E.S. - Germany said:
This unit was very interesting and very different from the previous units. In this unit, two videos were provided of a real English teacher offering a lesson to ESL students. In the first video, the teacher is intentionally making many mistakes in the presentation of his lesson, in his behavior and attitude towards the students, and in the way he has planned the phases of the lesson. In the second video, we see the same teacher doing an excellent job of delivering the lesson content, engaging the students in a friendly and encouraging way, and in planning his phases so that the lesson flows smoothly and is easier for the students to understand. In the first video, the teacher was abrupt, unpleasant, did not explain any of the lesson well, did not answer questions appropriately, and made the students feel dumb for not understanding the lesson. In the second video, we see a teacher who is engaging, presents the lesson in a way that smoothly builds on itself, encourages the students to keep guessing even when they've made an error, answers questions joyfully and knowledgeably, and helps the students understand that they are doing a good job of learning the material. This unit was enjoyable for me and the videos were a great glimpse into how a good ESL teacher runs the classroom.