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Reading and listening are receptive skills. Great! So there are many purposes for which we listen to or read articles. A lot of vocabulary and language structure might pose a threat to reading beginners but a pre lecture on the vocabulary and use of words would go a long way in preparing their minds for the new words. Eventhough one might not be familiar with a new word or phrase in a sentence, it doesnt render the reading activity void. I also learnt to again use the ESA method to get the students to fully participate in our new lesson especially using real live instances and scenerios.This unit covered the basics of English phonology and pronunciation. As a native English speaker, it was interesting to learn the rules of English intonation and stress, because I follow these rules in my every day speech, yet before this lesson was completely unable to articulate them. This lesson?s discussion of phonology was also interesting, because it pointed out just how tricky English pronunciation can be. After this lesson, I feel very grateful to have English as my first language, and have a better understanding of the challenges that students trying to learn English may face.