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J. R. - Canada said:
This unit covers a wide array of methods teachers can use when teaching a language class and gives many pros and cons for each one. There is the grammar- translation method, audio-lingualism, task-based learning, community language learning, and many more. The one focused on most and chosen as the best method of teaching by ITTT is referred to as \"Engage, Study, Activate\" (ESA). This method takes students through different stages of teaching. The engage phase usually includes a game or activity and gets them excited and talking and interacting and is supposed to get them thinking and speaking in english, while the study phase allows them to really focus on the language and its construction.Whether it be a specific word or phrase or handful of conjunctions for that particular class. The activate phase allows for the students to put into practice what they know and work towards fluency. It usually includes roleplaying, stories, and other communication style games. I learned that many people have many opinions on what is the best method of learning and there is an array options. Either way, thanks to this unit I now have many ideas on how to structure a lesson for a wide array of language levels.