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This unit, covering the basics of teaching and learning business English, reflects on the role of the teacher and learner. It also covers some basic pointers on how to teach individual students, full classes as well as classes with mixed levels of English knowledge. I found the section concerned with the roles of a teacher to be most interesting, taking into account the teacher is not simply a medium from whom information is being accessed, but also a psychologist, mentor and counsellor who must take into consideration the ages, backgrounds and levels of proficiency of his/ her students.Teaching past tenses to young learners would be more complicated for them to perceive compare to intermediate and upper intermediate learners. Making it more simple and more clarified would be more susceptible. On the other hand it is more helpful to present these unit if the learners had fully understood the present tenses. Above all being to be an effective and efficient teacher, these kind of complexities of learning or units should ensure the learners would enjoy and understand well the topic. Should have use more aggressive, intriguing and more attention catcher engaging activities.