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S. L. - Vietnam said:
This unit discusses course books and teaching materials. It focuses mainly on the advantages and disadvantages of course books but also includes suggestions for including authentic materials and creating materials for classes such as flashcards, role-plays, crosswords, word searches, etc., as well as hold a discussion about pictures cut out of a magazine or newspaper (which I thought was quite a good idea). Some of the main advantages for having a course book are that it gives students and teachers a bit of security and the teacher then doesn't have to spend as much time designing a syllabus or creating materials. However, that may cause the teacher to become too focused on the book and not create enough other materials to both engage the students and fit there needs (which the course book may or may not do). Personally, I like to have a course book as an outline (because there is so much to be taught and it's nice to have a general line-up of when to teach what grammar and some vocab). I can then build the lessons up with creative activities to teach the concepts in the book, focusing on the material that the students need first.