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C.H. - U.S. said:
The first lesson video was hard to watch. Students weren't engaged, they seemed intimidated, and lost interest when they had trouble understanding the instructions given. The teacher didn't appear to be enjoying working with the students (never smiled), and the students didn't respond to him. As the lesson progressed, the students seemed more and more confused (they kept looking at each other instead of asking questions to the teacher), and their level of participation lessened as the class progressed. The second lesson gave us a teacher who seemed to enjoy teaching this lesson and seemed to enjoy working with the students. He learned their names early on in the class and referred to the students by name from that point on. He encouraged them through his smiles and comments to use the information they had just learned (can/can't). He made the lesson fun and engaging (the smiles and laughter in the 2nd lesson tell us much about the students enjoyment of the lesson). Their willingness to participate when the teacher asked a question also tells us the class was not an intimidating climate for them. Even though he called on individual students to answer questions, they knew how he was going to do it, and the students seemed comfortable responding to him.