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The conditional is a difficult concept to grasp, even for a native speaker. There are so many rules that apply in only this \"tense\", that it can be confusing. From the zero conditional, to the third, they each have their own subtle contexts that can greatly change the meaning of the sentence with the fact that they all describe hypotheticals being the only connecting theme. Thankfully, the text did give some example teaching aids such as completing the conditional, and even asking fairly morbid questions. Reported language is another matter. Unlike the conditional, it actually describes something that actually happened, but it happened in the past. For example, \"Dale says, 'I am the best'\" becomes \" Dale said he was the best.\" Fortunately, there does seem to be a one to one pattern between the transition from the present tense to past. The past tense, however, is a little more problematic. The past perfects don't change, while the past simple and past continuous change into their perfect counterparts.