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The contents of unit 13 was all about the various types of equipment and teaching aids used in language learning classroom. What struck my interest in particular was the section on Interactive White Boards (IWB's). I watched a video on how these devices work, and I can see how it can be a labor of love, as the unit described it. For instance, IWB's are attractive devices which allows for a variety of creative diagrams and animations--all of which grabs the attention of learners; however, as the unit describes, IWB's are computer based technologies, and are prone to potential malfunction. Thus, it is truly important to have a backup plan incase an IWB fails. Personally, I have many memories of being taught from Overhead Projectors (OHP's), and I can see their appeal; layering OHT's is fairly straightforward, whereas an IWB would require some training to do the same function. Also, I liked how OHT's can be kept in a file and used repeatedly and/or edited, whereas with IWB's a particular file may be \"read-only\".