TESOL Guiyang

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K.M. – U.S.A. said:
There was a very clear difference between the lessons in these two videos. The first video was stressful to watch. The teacher did not speak clearly, appeared intimidating and unapproachable and did not have anything prepared to help explain the lessons or the activities so they could be clearly understood. He turned his back to the class for long periods of time while writing on the board, did not introduce himself or use names and there was very little student talk time. In the second video, the teacher was friendly and engaging. He was clear when giving information and used gestures and pictures to make things fun and easy to understand. He was prepared for the lesson and there was a flow between each phase that felt very natural. Students were able to participate during the engage phase with vocabulary they already knew. He paired students up for the worksheets in the study phase to increase student talk time. There was an example provided for the activate phase. The second lesson was far more entertaining and engaging because of the attitude of the teacher which provided for more student understanding and participation.