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S.H. - Spain said:
Unit 9 was about Lesson Planning. Topics discussed included why we plan lessons, what we put on that plan, and how we actually go about making a lesson plan. The four main reasons for making lesson plans presented were: 1. They create a logical sequence for the lesson, 2. They become a document we can work from and refer to, 3. They provide a record of what has been taught, and 4. They become a plan to be used if someone else needs to cover the lesson. Two areas that need to be covered in all lesson plans are general information about the particular class (date, time, location, level of the students being taught, how many students are in the class, etc.) and what we want to happen during the lesson. An example of a lesson plan being developed and written down was also presented. Besides the general information about the class, every lesson plan needs to include the Context (what the lesson is about) and the Focus (the way in which this will be taught). Also a good Lesson Plan includes such information as Learner Objectives, what you want the students to be able to do by the end of the lesson, Teacher Aims, Anticipated Problems and Solutions, and the actual Procedures for the lesson, including the phase of the lesson, the timing of each phase, and the expected interaction for that phase. Material to be used are also listed in the lesson plan. This unit was educational and helpful to me as I had never previously seen a lesson plan like the one presented.