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D.W. – U.S.A. said:
This unit covers course materials. There are three broad categories of material - authentic, created, and course books. Authentic materials are usually more current and interesting for the students because the are real. They do need to be carefully selected for the level of the students to supplement their learning level. An example could be a restaurant menu or a magazine. Students could practice a role play ordering food from the menu, or discuss an article from the magazine. Created materials are specifically created and designed to supplement replace elements of course books and can be graded to suit the student level. These can include items such as gap fill activities, picture stories, crosswords etc. Course books are usually a package of materials designed to cover a syllabus form A-Z. They are more rigid and may be less interesting for the students, however they ensure that the topics are covered systematically. A good approach might be to base the syllabus on the course book, but supplement with created and authentic materials to keep the lessons more fun, current and appropriate for the individual students.