TESOL Hubli Dharwad

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M.H. - United Kingdom said:
This unit covered various tests and exams that teachers can use, both types or categories of them (such as placement, diagnostic, progress, practice) and descriptions of some of the most common external exams that students might be preparing for. At the school where I work, we have recently been discussing whether we want to use a particular test as a placement or a progress test, which would then go on to affect how that test is structured (restructured). When this unit talked about having teachers receive feedback from the learners, I did think that if someone was taking this course before ever having been in a classroom, it might be useful for them to note that feedback about the class is going to look different depending on the age group (not just the level) of your students, and perhaps the culture you're teaching it. For example, what I look for in feedback from a kindergarten student about class is based more on their participation, interest, and ability to complete the activities. It's the teacher observing the students not only to see if they're learning but how they respond to material and presentation of it. Whereas with older students, especially if their English is good, a survey or class discussion might be a helpful addition. Depending on how a culture views the roles of the teacher/students might also affect the willingness of the students to assess their classroom.