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Lesson planning is the intial process and probably the guarantee for successully dilivering a lively and enjoyable lesson. It allows time for teachers to prepare their classes elaborately in advance,so they can run their lessons more smooth and purposeful. This unit gives the introduction on how to make a lesson plan by providing samples and common critiras which are also directions and logic mind threads to let teachers refer to. After learning this unit thoroughly, I have acquired the ability to sketch my lesson plans in a neat and organized wayThis section goes over parts of speech. This is in conjunction with using grammar. The English language places a huge emphasis on grammar. The subject that were gone over in this section is nouns, verbs, adjectives, gerunds, as well as their subsections. I feel this section gave me a better understanding of what specific parts of speech are in a sentence. Just like the introduction suggest, we all use these in saying English in a proper manner but when it comes to listing what each word is in a sentence we could always use a reminder and practice.