TESOL Huiyang

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P.L. - U.S.A. said:
The teachers of English may find themselves teaching various groups of students with varied levels of understanding. Therefore, the teacher must evaluate their students and prepare lessons to best motivate the class. With young learners, the teacher must keep the lessons simple, visual and fun so as not to loose their interest and create discipline problems. With adult learners, the lessons must still be simple and visual, but the students can handle longer study periods as adults would be more likely to be self-motivated to learn. Teaching a Business English group needs to be more focused on the reason and job activity the students are needing English to perform. By giving a 'Needs Analysis' test, the teacher can better assess how to approach the lesson plans to meet the expectation of the student. Much of the language needed would be general to all the class, ex: telephone vocabulary or proper introduction vocabulary. Also mentioned were the advantages and disadvantages of monolingual and multilingual classes. As my goal is to teach in the Philippines, I will most likely be working with a monolingual group. They all have the same first language and culture, and can be helpful to one another in their native language. A disadvantage is that it might be harder to keep them using all English in the classroom. Wherever I find myself, my goal is to create a classroom that will motivate and encourage the students to excel.