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In Unit 18, I have covered modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice which play a key grammatical component in the English language. The first section covered modal auxiliary verbs and how we can use them as well as their form in the present, future and past tense. This is important as it teaches the students the correct level of formality you should use when speaking to someone, depending on the situation. Passive voice was next to be learnt. The unit showed how to identify passive voice and active voice, as well as how change the active voice to a passive voice in a variety of different tenses. Additionally, relative clauses were covered as they are important in defining key information within speech. Finally, I learnt about phrasal verbs in the final section of Unit 18. This teaches students the three different types of phrasal verbs; Intransitive, Transitive Separable and Transitive Inseparable and how to use and identify them.