TESOL Jaboatao Dos Guarapes

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H.W. - South Korea said:
In this unit I learned how course books and materials can be used in the class room to the advantage and disadvantage of both teacher and student. For example, an advantage a teacher may have when provided books is that the course has been tried and tested through trial and error, and gives a ready-made guide for the teacher to follow. However, the downside to ready-made course outlines is that some students and teachers may find such a structured draw-within-the-lines approach to learning quite boring, ultimately leading to a disinterest in the overall course, As with previous units, this one dealt heavily on the Activate stage, and how \"Created\" or \"Authentic\" course materials can be used to the advantage of the classroom. For example, using Authentic materials will more than likely motivate students to apply what they've learned based on what they read and/or hear in real world \"authentic\" mediums such as radio, television, magazines, etc. Created materials, on the other hand, while not always up-to-date on the latest current events, offer an easy way for the teacher to apply specific materials to the language level of the student; created materials are more fun, too, as they typically involve role-playing, games, pictures, and work that stimulates thinking about what is being taught.